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Will insurance cover my claim?

Generally speaking, insurance companies will pay for the cost of a roof replacement, roof damage or roof leak as a result of an act of nature (like a storm, hurricane or lightning strike) or a sudden accidental event (like a fire).

This is because your roof plays an important role in the overall protection of your home. In other words, if you have a damaged or leaking roof, it can cause more problems within your home that will lead to more claims.

Homeowners are always responsible for paying their insurance premiums and their deductibles.

So, how do you get your insurance company to pay for a roof replacement? The answer involves a combination of understanding all the fine print in your insurance policy, protecting yourself from being denied by your insurance company, having proper documentation of damage, and hiring a professional roofer to work on your behalf.


Let’s look at each of these in a little more detail:

Understand your insurance policy – Many of us don’t read the fine print until it is time to file a claim. Your insurance policy will have specific information about what is covered, when they will replace a roof or pay for a repair. It will also contain any exclusions, which can be things like the age of your roof. For instance, if your roof is less than 10 years old, your insurer will likely cover the replacement in full assuming the damage was the result of an act of nature. An insurance company may not reimburse you if you have an older roof (especially one that is more than 20 years old) or the company might only pay what it deems the roof is worth after years of wear and tear.

Protect yourself ahead of time – Understand that neglect or general wear and tear damage on your roof are not eligible for reimbursement because they fall under the general maintenance responsibility of the homeowner. Therefore, make sure to perform maintenance on your roof. Hire a Florida licensed roofing contractor to conduct a professional inspection and fix (and document) any repairs. Make sure your roof is free of debris and does not hold or collect water. Any trees touching or hanging over the roof should be trimmed back. Take pictures of your roof in good condition so you have “before” photos to prove the condition of your roof in the event damage should occur in the future.

Document damage – Following any storm, have your roof checked for damages by a Florida licensed roofing contractor. Take pictures and videos to document any damage as well as anything that might have contributed to the damage, such as a downed tree or branch. Contact your insurance company immediately. Be wary of roofing companies who knock on your door after a storm with promises of a free roof. Never sign anything, especially an Assignment of Benefits.

Hire a Florida Licensed Roofing Contractor – An insurance company may require estimates from licensed roofing contractors for legitimate repair and replacement work. Make sure you obtain specific and detailed written estimates as well as proof that a roofer is licensed and insured. Look them up on the Better Business Bureau to see their rating, customer reviews and if they have any complaints against them.
Hire a Florida licensed roofing contractor like Revildor that is specifically experienced in giving estimates for insurance claims and is familiar with helping a homeowner through the maze of red tape to get a replacement claim approved. All of this information is imperative in accelerating the claim process.


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