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New Florida Building Code Now in Effect

2021 brought with it many changes to the Florida Building Code, which are important for homeowners to know when replacing their roof after January 1.


Every three years Florida law requires the Florida building commission to update the Florida Building Code in order to establish and consistently improve our construction methods. In 2021 the construction industry in the State of Florida must build homes under the 7th (2020) edition of the Florida Building Code. The new building code includes several key changes in the way we work on roofs for new and existing construction.
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Many of these changes will allow for the strengthening and improvement in wind resistance on our roofs, as well as water damage caused by filtration, specially from the ever increasing and damaging threat of storms and hurricanes.

One of the important changes in the building code is the requirement for the type and installation of underlayment. The new underlayment requirement seals the decking of the roof and prevent water from intruding even if the primary roof covering was lost to wind.


Under this new code: Roof contactors have three options for creating a seal deck that will vary depending on the roof covering to be used.  This update in the building code is just one of the multiple key changes contractors must abide by when completing roof projects in 2021.


What does this mean for homeowners? It is more important now than ever to hire a roof contractor with the knowledge and expertise to bring your roof project to code. It could save you thousands of dollars and multiple headaches. Make sure you are asking your roof contractor if they will be meeting all of the appropriate code changes in 2021 for your roof!

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