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Pamela R.

Our roof was damaged by Hurricane Irma in more than one location. We had months of trying to “chase leaks”, which led to even more damage in the interior of our home.

One of our friends, who recently had their roof replaced, recommended we call Revildor to come out and inspect our roof to see what our options were. After examining it thoroughly, they showed us that there was a significant amount of damage, and, they assessed that there was most likely even more damage beneath the surface where we couldn’t see.

They helped us with everything from working with our Insurance company who then approved us for a new roof. In addition, they handled ALL the paperwork that was required by our town, and there was a lot of it. Our inspection by both the city inspector and our mortgage company was 100% approved, which gave us peace of mind.

The process was smooth as they told us exactly what to expect. Everything was complete in just a few days, even though they had to do quite a lot of unexpected major damage repair around our chimney. When they left you would never know they were there, except for the fact that we now have a beautiful new roof.

Thank you Revildor for increasing the value of our home!

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