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Roofing Repair Miami

We hear some of the craziest stories in our tenure of roofing in Miami. The worst is about homeowners who do not know where to turn because their usual storm-chaser roofer is not in town or accessible by calls. These roofing repairs tend to be full of desperation because the roof is in dire need of urgent fixing.

The country has a record of approximately five million roof repairs each year because most people understand it is cheaper to invest in roof repair than a complete installation. Read on to learn the signs indicating it is time to repair the roof, to save yourself the trouble of needing urgent service or storm damage roof repair.

Signs you need roofing repair in Miami

Damaged shingles

Shingles have a limited life span, and an obvious sign that the roof needs instant repair is damaged or missing shingles. You may notice cracks or cracked edges on the oldest shingles or missing pieces in a poorly executed roofing project. The damaged shingle will likely shed granules that appear dark and eventually clog up the gutters to cause more damage. Heavy rain will quicken the deformation process and lead to utter dysfunction of the shingles.


Sagging is a gradual problem that happens over time and with increasing lousy weather. You need to inspect the roof over a long period and look at the natural lines for signs of warping and sagging. While most roofs have a realistic sagging angle, the sagging one will have inconsistent angles all through the surface. You will probably need a full replacement service to fix the sagging throughout the roof.


Can you spot leaks and moisture in the home? Perhaps you notice water stains across the wall and floor due to excess damage on the roofing structure. It is time to get roofing contractors in Miami who will trace the water source and suggest the most convenient conservation solutions. Most times, moisture will appear in your roofing system due to active leaks on the external surface. The presence of water needs urgent repair because excess amounts could cause mold, hence risk your family’s health.

Peeking light

There is no surer sign that you need instant repair other than sunlight or moonlight peeking through the roof. Take a look at the attic at night or on a bright day to see whether you notice rays of light getting through the roof.

Damaged fixtures

You should inspect every area surrounding the roof, such as fixtures like the chimney, pipes, and vents. These parts can require instant repair if they have water damage, brokenness, or bending, which will cause eventual damage to the entire roofing system.

It is time to call Miami roofing experts as soon as you suspect any of the above signs or more. Lake Erie Roofing invites you to book an appointment online, get a free estimate or call our offices FL (305-799-8827) / OH (440-463-2419) for more information on the free roof inspections in Miami.


Roofing Repair Miami

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Roofing Repair Miami

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