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Tallahassee ContractorWhen discussing your renovation or building project with a Tallahassee contractor, be clear with your goals and expectations. Communication is key to the success of any construction project, after all. Set up a meeting with us at Quail Valley Homes. Drop by our office in Tallahassee or call 850-545-8067. We’re happy to listen!

Before you start working with a Tallahassee contractor, it is important that you check the contract and make sure that you are satisfied with it. This lets you avoid problems during and after the construction. Be honest with your contractor and smooth things out before breaking ground. Some of the things you need to discuss include:
Building permits. Who will obtain the necessary permits–the client or the contractor? Whoever obtains the permits will be responsible for the building codes.
Change order clause. This is an important part of the contract. It is an agreement that both parties need consent if there will ever be any changes during the construction.
Start and completion dates. At one point or another, delays will happen, so it is important to include this in the contract.
Cleanup. The contract should also indicate who will be responsible for the cleanup of the project site.
Schedule of payments. Most contractors require a down payment, but this can be changed depending on the agreement with the client.
If you are looking for a dependable Tallahassee contractor, contact Quail Valley Homes. Our company has been in the industry for years. If you want to see some of our completed projects, just browse our website. Quail Valley Homes can do everything from simple window replacements to the construction of custom homes. You may contact us at 850-545-8067 if you have any inquiries.

Tallahassee Contractor

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